Every time I see a blank page I’m scared. It’s like there are so many possibilities that can occupy space between top and the bottom of a page that it just overwhelms me. I have just signed up for Jeff Goins 500 word challenge just for fun. Just because I like him because his sending his newsletter to me everyday with words of encouragement about writing. He is such a good coach. 500 word challenge definately will help fighting blank pages. Right now I’m getting scared of writing about them. Thblank pageey seems so inevitable and they really don’t want to live life you intented for them. They would do anything just to not get limited by some specific content. Just to not get narrow down to one subject they will tell you that you can’t do it right. Don’t trust them – they are just trying to gain some time and beat you in this fight. They will tell you that your vocabulary range is too narrow to do it in a proper way. They will shout to you: You don’t have time for this! Just look at all your duties. You are naive to think that anyone will read that. You just can’t. You simply CAN’T do that. All of this exclamations just to let you know that blank page prefer to remain blank. But that is not what will happened. Page will carry your message but it is your work to fight the blank page and fill it with content. Being scared of blank pages even have its own name: blank page syndrome. So for the sake of this post blank page intentionally left filled with text.

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