The monster tried to blow fire at him but because of all the water he drank, all that came out from his mouth was steam. The dragon kept trying to breathe fire, but because he was so swollen, he exploded and died. At last the people were free of him.*

This is an excerpt from polish legend about Wawel dragon, it tells the story about young and poor shoemaker who thanks to his intelligence has beaten the dragon that was terrorizing people.

What is it in dragons that scares us the most? Is it the size? The fact that they can breathe fire? Or is it their strength? Or maybe the fact that they can fly? Or is it a combination of all this features?

Why they seems so unbeatable in the eyes of the imprisoned princesses? And what is it about poor shoemakers who really can defeat them? What is the differencedragon? And how from being imprisoned princess become shoemaker or St. George who can reverse roles? Do you need to be a hero or saint to do that? Perhaps, but there is a very important message in this story and it is best described by Neil Gaiman sentence that:

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

Ofcourse it requires courage, of course it requires a hero to face a dragon but it really is something that can be done. We are surrounded by dragons smaller or bigger – they are everywhere. Sometimes we can be a brave shoemaker who fight the dragon for the other person, but another time we need other people who see problems from different perspective to fight our dragons. Where there’s a dragon there’s Saint George waiting to beat him. The question is: Where to look?

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