… that’s the title of the book by Kio Stark that I recently found on the list of unmissable books by this year’s incredible speakers from TED which is a global set of conferences about Ideas Worth Spreading as they say. It’s just awesome. You can easily get inspired by watchingno-school
their short videos from speakers from around the world. Check it out here. But this post is not about TED it’s about the book so Ad Rem! I was looking for inspiration and this book definately inspired me. The full title of the book is Don’t go back to school: A Handbook for Learning Anything – it is a set of interviews with successful people who did not pursuit a formal education credentials. Basically  it’s about how they’ ve learned what they need to make living from.

Few words about writing

One of my favourite interview was with Cory Doctorow who is a science fiction author. He gives a lot of useful tips on how to write. One of my favourite sums up to centipede dilemma about writting and editing at the same time. It’s like “Hey Mr. Centipede, how do you walk with all those feet?” “I don’t know,” he says. “I’ve never thought about it.” And he never walks again.


    • If you are writing just write after that start to edit.
  • Write even when you doesn’t feel like it.
  • Be consistent write 250 words a day
  • Remember that a page a day is a novel a year.

He also gives the recipe for how to create character for this you can use books such as How to Win Friends and Influence People and with it help  make sense of how socially inept person thinks.

The book contains a lot of interviews from writers and journalists through engineers and entrepreneurs who even runs portable toilete business. School is not necessary if you think outside the box and you put certain amount of work to something that you love. First of all you need to find out what you love, second of all you need to be self-disciplined and third you need to have a strong believe in yourself to follow your heart let me put it in this way. I end up reading it with this optimistic feeling that anything is possible if you really, really want it because of all of these succesful people stories.

Ofcourse there is always question of What if I cannot find what I love? or What if what I love will turn out to be not unprofitable at all? What I can say there is always a risk that something cannot work out but remember wise man sentence Where’s the will there’s a way.

The book you can find here:


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