Let’s start with the definition of recycling from Wikipedia:
Recycling is a process to convert waste materials into reusable material to prevent waste of potentially useful materials,
What is potentially useful in my life? I need to revise a lot of areas of my life. For example I just did my engineer degree which was a huge investment for me. The studies were hard and required a lot of attention. It wasn’t intuitive for me. I had best grades from humanistic subjects like literature, history and foreign languages in high school but I thought well after engineering studies the
job is guaranteed even if you are generating-sythesisnot very good in it and that’s something. In Poland after humanistic studies it is really hard to find a job also
the incomes are usually higher in engineering. But is it all about incomes? I did genrate a lot of things till now and I just need some time for synthesis, to see where I am and where I want to be.

I recently read the bestseller Eat, Prey, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and I found it very interesting. This is a memoir about the trip eatthat the author had after her long and devastating divorce. She decided to go to Italy, India and Indonesia to find peace and harmony. Because I went through a life crisis this book was jmeditationust perfect for me. It made me think about things that I’ve always wanted to do but never actually did like learning Italian. Gilbert wanted to learn Italian too and…

…she starts to learn italian and some of her friends criticize her for this joking that learning italian can be only compared with learning how to playserce accordion because both of them are so useful. And I thought this is just for me I’ve always wanted to learn italian and I’m in love with accordion music with
Astor’s Piazolla soul-soothing tango ach… So many times I had thought about learning how to play accordion. So many times I wanted to do but never actually did.

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