Today I did some outlining for the book. I used graphviz interpreter for dot language and I really appreciates possibility to “draw” graphs in a text file in my favourite text editor vim. Firstly I did the outline for the whole book which was quite simple as I already had novel structure. It will be written in a first person point of view with a major retrospection part. There are some parts that are based on my life which are the reason I’m writing that book and writing outline for them wasn’t that hard. The difficult part was overthinking those days again and trying to figure out some sense out of it. I came up with idea that each chapter will have a subtitle with a clear goal of a chapter defined as a subtitle. Like a lesson learned. For example chapter first: Moving mountains will have subtitle Story about achieving goals as I meant it to be a story about setting goals and then really reaching them through self-discipline and persistence.
Recently I also decide that I need a tool to track my progress – so I was looking for some words tracker application but I couldn’t find anything good enough. I decided that I will write this kind of tool by myself. I wrote it in python and it was a great fun for me. It can gives you current stats about tracking locations and it collects previous stats in order to draw your progress charts. I would like to turn out this small application into open-source project one day. Having fun doing the script I also created a website as an interface for output charts, check it out here:

Writing stats for NaNoWriMo

Each evening when I run word_tracker at home it charts are getting updated on the website. So much fun!
I also wrote few messages to people from NaNoWriMo just to get in touch with somebody who also write. I hope I will get more buddies to talk about writing. I’m also wondering how to stay motivated to write. I mean there are moments when I think I have really nothing to say and it scares me. Maybe the reason is I don’t want to write some crap and I’m afraid that what I write won’t be good enough. So I prefer just to not write – just in case it won’t be good enough. It looks like perfectionist tendencies are holding me back from getting my work done. Red alarm. I need to admit that yesterday and the day before yesterday I haven’t done much prep for NaNo – next to the 500 words a day challenge I had a goal of writing at least 440 words a day till November only for prep. I didn’t reached 440 today, I didn’t reached 440 yesterday. But there was something more important about writing drafts of scenes – it was the plot itself. I only had a big picture view about what I want to achieve but no small steps to follow in between chapters. So I break down first few chapters into outlines. It takes me all day long and I finished only four chapters out of ten. The good thing is that those chapters are the most important one and probably the most difficult so it’s good to have this sorted out.

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