Few posts ago I told you that I enrolled  at Embedded Robotics master degree and that I’m not happy with that. That was true I was deeply unhappy with this decision I got depressed. I stacked between boring studies and work with no time or power for anything else. When my family took me to see the doctor he gave me explanation of my absence for my lecturers which says that my mental health got worse litteraly, I think that noone wants to have this kind of explanation of leave when he or she have deppresion. But I have got one and I frame it for better days. I never showed that to any of my lecturers instead of that after weeks of apatia I decided to quit studies. It was for the better. I had more time for myself, my boyfriend and for travels. Yes travels. before all of that happened I enrolled for career day for young engineers in Brussels and I’ve got selected. Few days later my friends from Erasmus exchange from USA, France and Germany called me and invited me to go with them to Oslo Norway for Amber birthday right after career day. Plans were great. I decided to go there with my boyfriend. I got excited for the first time since I don’t know when. After that few weeks later I’ve met my friend from non-govermental organisation Semper worldAvanti and she told me about a project that they were running about mobile application development in Philippines. I got excieted for the second time. It turns out that I’m suitable for the project and so is my boyfriend we were selected. We were going to Philippines.

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