There is a path in my computer which leads to a folder. This folder contains a lot of stuff. You can open anyone and start to read immediatly it contains a lot of thoughts covered with stories drafts. There is also a file which whenever I open I start to laugh aloud because it is a kind of dialogue with myself. It meant to be a story – story about letting your dream come true but instead it’s just a talk about a story.paper ship

Many years ago I had a beautiful trip which was one of my dreams and it came true. I promised to myself that I will transfer this experience into a story – and I treat this adventure as an inspiration, but I think I’m just being selfish keeping it all for myself. When memories are to precious too share with the world you have a writing block. That is what happened to me. But feeling obligated to write it down at some point of my life I sometimes open it and read. It starts with this sentence: Bravo. One year later, still nothing. Than a bunch of tags to cover. Then reminder to write another story about other trips and again congratulations from myself for writting down words of encouragement. The story that I wanted to write is about sea cruise. I was dreaming about getting on a ship and sail away somewhere. I’m dreaming about it now as well but if you have never done it before the feeling is much more stronger than after that. Running away from life is sometimes the best thing you can do to gain new perspective. You just try to get into situation when you can feel that future is so unpredictable. This feeling of excitement is so strong that you really don’t want to go back. But eventually you go back. This adventure time leaves you with this constant unfulfillment. I’ve always wanted to be a sailor. Just to get on the ship sail here, sail there. View world from nomad perspective. My friend use to say it’s boring all you see for a very most of the time is endless horizon and blue ocean everywhere, moreover for most of the time you see the same people day by day. Can be anything more boring than that? When you see it from this perspective it really is discouraging but when you try to imagine a feeling of curiosity when after week of sailing in the down of morning new harbour emerges out of the blue in a morning fog, you just can’t compare it with anything else. It’s just woow. You are in the story – you are the sailor you hold the steering wheel and it’s really your story not Jules Verne not Sinbad the sailor it is you. How it happened that I took part in this cruise on a tall ship? I wrote down a very short description of my dream cruise whale landand I’ve sent it for a competition. It turned out to be the best one and the praise was a cruise on a Tall Ship during the Tall Ships Races. And there were so many things that happened that time we had an accident our engine was broken we sailed and sailors gave us boxes of sardines out of sailors friendship, the engine itself was taken from the old U-boot submarine and it wasn’t easy to fix it so we got stacked in the harbour for weeks waiting for some company to create a missing part from the old blue prints. We exchange people with a different crew from Russian marine Tall Ship Mir, we sailed together. Our tall ship had to be taken out of the water. There were people with visual impairment especially with sight loss who wanted to sail to the next harbour on the next cruise but they couldn’t due to an accident, so we were strolling through the city day by day talking about life and you know what they use to say anytime there was a some kind of problem?  “Ohh you know? I can’t see any obstacles.” literally. It was one month adventure half of it sailing half of it staying in the harbour trying to adjust to a new situation but it was really a lifetime experience.

I hold my diary from that time and I am really disappointed by my writing skills it’s like alright it all happened that time but thats not the point. That’s not the story, that’s just a log and I don’t want to keep logging things that happen to me I want a real story with a real meaning. How you do that?

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