short story recipeWhat is it about writing that kindles my soul and ignites me to create? Besides the fact that the act of writing itself just feels so damn good I’m always a little bit confused about the whole “writing” thing. Maybe this is the only way I can truley express myself? Maybe it is something that can be done despite circumstances – you do not need anything except piece of paper and pen to actually do that and what is more important it is not reserved for elites which have access to some very limited resources – anyone can do that.

As someone said writer is a person who writes so I’m on my way. The othmatcher side of the coin is the fact that not everyone who speaks get actually heared and this applies also to writing not everyone who writes gets read. But that is less important, what I care about is the voice. I really want to discover my voice and use it in some meaningful way. I don’t know my voice yet and I don’t know what meaningful thing it can help me to achieve but I have this someting inside me thats really want to get expressed. So I’m just letting it go out and conquer the world. Anyway you can write anything and I’m looking what my anything looks like.

One part of my writing is an “occasional journaling” I call it occasional journaling because I write my journal only after some major events when I have a flash of inspiration. If I don’t get it I don’t write. Or maybe I use to not write, today I try to write despite circumstances. These days I write after meaningful moments that happend in my life, for example I try to catch my psychologist consultations. I really want it to last longer and I don’t know why. Maybe I just want to get heared? Maybe I want someone to support me on my path, someone who resemble an authority figure that somehow I can follow? Some longing for older sister wisdom. Whatever, this is the “logging reality” part of my writing, not much creative but important it’s like a map, when you want to get to some place you type its name into google maps and it get’s you there in a blink of an eye, similar thing happen with keeping occasional journal you want to know what a person does or how she feels when dot, dot, dot then you recall a situation when you felt like that and you found journal from that time – that’s it. Afterwards there is ideas drafts part which basicly is putting down on paper your ideas whatever it is from a single sentence to descriptive thought  about a subject, you can call it “notes on reality” or “observations on reality”. There is also part that can be named “Self dialogues” which are oriented on problem solving discussions with myself.

Then after I collect a certain amount of “notes on reality” I join them with “reality log” I add some “self dialogues” and I cover them into a short story. I design the characters, plot, setting, conflict and the main idea turns into theme so that’s the forth part of my writing and I think a proper name for that would be “sum-up stories”.It looks like a mathematical equation and it’s good but it is not an universal formula you can have as many variables here as you want – just be flexible and adjust it to your own needs, this just works for me. That’s all.

Ofcourse there is also occasional writing in general like writing for a competition or writing summary of nongovernmental project or whatever is needed. So for sake of this post I can call it “practical typing”. And we end up with a short list of types of writing which I do.

Types of my writing:

  • logging reality
  • notes on reality
  • self dialogues
  • sum-up stories
  • practical typing

This is my process as I can see it now. I haven’t just think it out of the blue it is something that I just did naturally over the years, because there was something to be told and it is expressed through this channels. But that is not the end! There are multiple ways of writing.

What’s your types of writing? How your writing process looks like? What kindles your soul? Please share in the comment!

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