Time is going really quickly. Second after second, hour after hour, thought after thought. When I was still a student I applied for a scholarship in Stockholm about Big Data. More because I was willing to travel abroad than because of the subject, and more because the chance was that I will get a scholarship for that trip. There is no better thing than an interesting scholarship. So I applied and I was selected – again this year. It looks like I have a travel year. Despite that, I was thinking about my life. I was thinking and rethinking and guess what I came up with? So I wanted to go for a different studies – the linguistic one because all of this begins with language. Even the Bible says “In the beginning was the Word”. So it must be something. I thought it is a good idea now when I finished my engineer degree I have time to do what really interests me.

I really like Italian so I was thinking of italian philology. The closest language to latin – one of the most universal languages ever seemd to be a good choice. Also one of my favourites authors was italian Umberto Eco, when I was younger I was dreaming about studying semiotics in Bologne where he was a lecturer. The study of sign processes and meaningful communication which is very close to linguistics.

But then I’ve realized that this idea was just a substitution, pragmatic idea for not study literature which you know I was taking into consideration in order to become a writer. The way I was thinking before studies was more or less like that: It’s all known that after literature studies in Poland there is very little chance that you get a good job and not getting a job is frustrating also live from hand to mouth must be frustrating I was thinking. That was also the time when I was really into sailing and traveling – I’m still into this but in those days it was just a beginning and I thought thmapat it would be even more frustrating if in the future I will have my literature education but no travel experiences or sailing adventures to write about. That argument convinced me. I should make a decent living in order to get a lot of experiences to write about. From middle school I was very pragmatic I thought that I should learn mathematics because it’s something that provides a good job in the future. But not only I strongly believed that it is the queen of science therefore it is worth to know her. It was hard. It wasn’t my way of thinking at all. Actually I was really bad in it and my mathematics teacher didn’t like me and all of the humanistic teachers were convincing me to take humanistic exams on my finals. But I was stubborn – I’ve decided – firstly make living secondly go for your dreams. Mathematics, physics and programming the most hated subjects I was transforming into most engaging one. My natural affinity to literature and language was supressed. I was studying hard, it was really something for me to get into field of programming and science but step after step I was getting there. During the way I was being creative and I was using different tools to keep myself motivated for example I was writing letters to myself explaining why I should study engineering, promising it will be all for good. Can you imagine that?

Programming from all of the classes was the most interesting since it was connected with language and I liked linguistic riddles (If you have time I will put some of this riddles in next post so you can try yourself it’s all from International Linguistics Olympiad). Somehow I cannot imagine my life without programming right now.

I’m definately not going to take a substitute studies. At the end of the day I thought that I won’t become a writer doing philology studies you know I might meet interesting people and attend interesting subjects but you can feel that it’s not quite what I want. I won’t become a writer unless I write, right? So why pursuing another studies instead of taking creative writing course on Coursera or Edx or wherever and actually start to write? Make no sense I guess.

But this post was suppose to be about my new career discovery. I still have an interest in language per se and I’ m still an engineer. I’m not interested anymore in building robots or even worse in industrial controllers and networks and all of this nightmare and boring as hell stuff I had to learn about during studies. Despite boredness I’ve learn something at least I’ve learned programming and that is a very handy tool to carry with you through life. I told you that I was selected for Big Data summer school and this made me think. My thesis was about neural networks and it was really an interesting subject. I came up with idea that maybe I can connect this interests into one. There is a field called Computational linguistics and it has a subfield Natural Language Processing which seems to be dreadful curious. This subjects are all connected with the machine learning which provides tools to cope with data and data could be anything especially words and discover patterns and knowledge from them. All of this I can find in Computer science and I even found university that have intelligent systems specialization which for now sounds like a plan.

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